Shasta High School

This installation included an entirely revamped sound system for a gymnasium, as well as new electronics, mics and speakers for their outdoor field.

Length: 1 min.

Various Installations

This video features several audio/visual installations we've done around northern California, including schools, churches, coffee shops, theaters, board rooms and more.

Length: 12.5 min.

RCF Speakers

The world's finest wine and the world's best speakers share something in common: they both come from Italy. See the RCF speaker facility in Reggio Emilio, Italy, where ultra-high technology turns out speakers Leo Gunther Enterprises is proud to feature.

Length: 5 min.

QSC Speakers--"Building Legends"

QSC is no longer just the world's leading amplifier manufacturer--this innovative company is now making speakers worthy of the QSC name. Check out the story behind QSC's highly regarded speaker line.

Length: 9 min.