The Answer is SIMPLE

After more than 20 years and tens of millions of dollars of professional installations, we have found that one guiding principle rises above all others: the systems we install must be simple to operate for the end user.

This principle guides and inspires our design, installation and consulting services. Our goal is a system that people can use immediately, with little or no training or prior experience. Once that goal is met, our systems are designed to work effectively, continuously and reliably.

We have also seen how advanced planning and consultation, done in the earliest-possible stage of a new project or significant renovation, add up to major cost savings and greatly improved quality. Time and again, we have seen how early consultation with sound system designers, acousticians and tech-savvy architects help project planners avoid costly mistakes. Likewise, we've seen projects go far over-budget due to a lack of planning, expensive after-the-fact change orders and other complications. When it comes to planning a new sound, lighting or video system for a new or existing venue, it's never too early to begin getting expert advice.

Leo Gunther Enterprises offers consulting services for projects large and small, and we work with some of the best acoustics consultants and architects in the business. We'd love the opportunity to help you plan for success.

Leo Gunther was interviewed in the "Gearing Up for Church Sound" article in Pro Audio Review magazine.

You can read this informative article here.

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